Criminal Defense

Criminal DefenseWhen you have been arrested and are facing criminal charges, chances are you do not know where to turn. Not only is your job potentially at risk but you may also be risking time in prison, steep fines and the loss of your driving rights or scholarship opportunities. Any criminal charges you may be facing require the assistance of a skilled South Carolina defense attorney.

Misdemeanor crimes may seem like they are not very serious but they still result in a criminal record and potential loss of rights. Whether you are facing a DUI, an accusation by a spouse or employer, we can help. We understand that good people sometimes find themselves in situations they never anticipated and we are here to provide help through this unfamiliar territory. Don’t talk to law enforcement, your friends or your relatives to get legal advice in a criminal matter – talk with an experienced criminal attorney.

If you are facing more serious felony charges, it is even more important that you get good advice as early as possible. Most serious criminal cases are developed by law enforcement even before an arrest warrant is issued. If you know an investigation is directed towards you, hire counsel immediately. The way you conduct yourself during an investigation can make a tremendous difference in the ultimate outcome.

We have the experience and dedication to our clients to help minimize the impact of an allegation against you. Don’t face it alone. Let us stand by your side.

If you or someone you care about is facing criminal charges, contact Attorney Edward S. McCallum at (864) 223-8546 for a consultation.