Experienced Greenwood, South Carolina Attorney: Edward S. McCallum

No one hires an attorney because they want to. You look for counsel when you face serious problems. Selecting a professional to guide you through trouble is an important, potentially life-altering, decision. You need someone experienced in life and experienced in law to advise you and your loved ones to position yourselves for a safe future.

Whether you have been injured at work or through the negligence of another, face a marriage breakdown, or have a business problem with no apparent solution, the law offices of Edward S. McCallum can help you. The career of attorney Ed McCallum is wide-ranging.  For over twenty years, he has assisted clients through difficult times.  His expert team can offer you personal service, professional treatment, and aggressive representation.

Our team knows our clients are best served by objective advice based upon strong legal knowledge and practical solutions. We provide straightforward recommendations and support that enable you to make informed decisions. No one stands beside you and fights more diligently for your rights than the McCallum legal team.

Please explore this site and learn the exceptional, personalized services we offer. You deserve the best representation available, and you can trust us during every step of the process to listen to you and to work with you in developing a winning strategy. Meet your new attorney by clicking here.